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1.In the 33 provinces and municipalities directly under the central government to elect 66 people who have the passion of the people, to do a grand and grand event"
2. How to design the appearance of the Art-400 in Qi, regional sales how you can participate in!
3.As long as it is a member of Qi Art-400 all the chips, encounter a large activities, lamps and lanterns or lack of technology is not enough, in Qi company will use Za throughout the network advantage, to provide you with
Best solution! In short when you become the congregation raised
Member of the moment, is your forever family in Qi, let all of your activities houguwuyou!
4.Each province is basically two places, the quota is no longer to add, intention to quit halfway, the return of full amount, recruited another instead. All the preferential policies cancelled!
5.After becoming the Kei recruited the first batch of members of the, will give priority to enjoy the Kei subsequent recruitment activities and product offers the largest discount!
6. In Qi Art-400 will be available in early 11, just to catch up with the coming season! Let's play a crucial battle with the mysterious weapon to get back to our empire!

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