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Product Detail

Art-Thump 3000

Product model: Art-Thump 3000
Product series: 460W Art Tide


1) Light Source: OSRAM 461W Light Bulb

2) High quality optical lens combination ensures super output

3) Beam angle range:

Beam mode: 3 degrees to 11 degrees

Pattern mode: 7 degrees to 50 degrees

Soft light mode: 14 degrees to 28 degrees


4) Control mode: DMX, master and slave

5) DMX channel: 24 channels

6) Full-color LCD display with battery for user-friendly operation


7) Color: 20 colors on 3 color plates

8) Super-positive CMY+CTO color mixing system

9) Pattern plate:

a) Rotate the pattern plate: 8 patterns + white light, can quickly replace the pattern piece, with adjustable speed water effect

b) Fixed pattern plate: 16 patterns + white light with adjustable speed water effect

10) Rotate 6+12 Prism and Rotate 8 Prism with prism superposition

11) An effect disk: fire disk

12) Electronic focusing

13) Electronic dimming

14) Electronic strobe

15) Electronic atomization: with atomization zoom function

16) X axis: 630 degrees, Y axis: 265 degrees, three-phase motor with 16-position trim

17) X-axis Y-axis lock for safe transportation

Power and signal connections:

16) Blue and white power sockets in and out

17) Three-core and five-core signal Card dragon seat in and out

18) Voltage: AC100-240V, 50/60HZ

19) Power Consumption: 700W                                        

Size: 423 x 406 x 548 mm

Net weight: 23.7kgs