Guangzhou Zhongqi Stage Lighting Co., Ltd,

Product Detail


Product model: Art-Thump1000
Product series: 350W BWS Light
1. Voltage: AC100-240V/50-60HZ.


3. Consumed Power: 600W

4. Prisms: High Precision Optics Lens

5. Aperture: aperture adjustable, 4°-30° (beam mode)

6. Control model: DMX512 signal/ Master and Slave/synchronization/Sound activity

7. DMX 512 Channel: 16/24/30CH, Short 16CH,Standard 24CH, Extended: 30 CH

8. Pan/Tilt: Pan 540º, Tilt 270º/speed adjustable

9. Color: 14 special color filters + white, with waterflow effect

10. Fixed gobo wheel: 17 special gobos + white, with waterflow effect and shake effect

Rotating gobo wheel: 12 indexable and bi-directionally rotating gobos + white, with waterflow effect shake effect and rotating effect

11. Prism wheel 1: bi-directionally rotating 24 prisms, rotating speed adjustable

Prism wheel 2: bi-directionally rotating 16 twill prisms, rotating speed adjustable

Prism wheels can be use together

12. Focus: line focusing

13. Frost: frost angle adjustable

14. Dimmer: 0~100% line dimmer

15. Strobe: bi-direction strobe (0.5—9time sec)

16. Size: 580x560x720mm

17. Net Weight: 16.5KG