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Product Detail


Product model: Art-371
Product series: 371W Beam Light
Power Supply: AC100~240V, 50/60Hz
Input power: 500W

1. Power supply: AC100V-240V Frequency: 50Hz-60Hz total

2. Power: 500W Fuse: 5A

3. Light source: Osram 371W bulb Electronic ballast (Osram original bubbler)

4. Color temperature: 8500K Average life: 2000H (bulb and reflector complete package, light efficiency and long service life)

5. Beam angle: parallel beam angle: 0-3.8°

6. International standard control signal: DMX512

7. Number of channels: 16CH, 20CH channels can be switched.

8. Dimming: 0-100% linear adjustment; overheating intelligent protection

9. Strobe: two-chip strobe (0.5-9 times / sec), full linear dimming and variable strobe speed

10. Color wheel: with 14 colors + blank (can create a sharp aerial beam effect)

11. Pattern wheel: with 17 fixed pattern pieces + blank (allows you to quickly change the shape of the beam)

12. Prism: Rotating octagonal prism and 16 prism, can rotate in both directions, the rotation speed can be adjusted, which makes the pattern projection effect more abundant.

13. Atomization: Atomization magnifies the soft light effect, making it easy to achieve a soft and dreamy pattern effect.

14. Atomization scale amplification

15. Anti-reflection high temperature internal processing design structure

16. Focusing: With 3 sets of optical lens combination, the effect is much better than the usual beam light, which can project high-definition patterns.

17. The X axis rotates 540°C horizontally and the Y axis rotates 270°C vertically with automatic correction positioning.

18. Smart light bulb switch control (extend lamp life)

19. Protection level: IP20

20. Net weight: 18KG

21. Fast play address code: with RDM function, can directly play address code on the console