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Product Detail


Product model: Art-Thump2000
Product series: 380w Computer moving head light

1) Power supply: 115/230V 50/60 Hz

2) Light bulb: Osram 371W

3) Power: 500W Ballast : 380W Multifunctional Electronic Ballast

4) Light source color temperature: 3200K-8000K

5) Beam Angle: BEAM0-1.5° SPOT1.5°--20° Linear Adjustable    Soft Light: 8°--60° Independent Soft Light

6) Dimming: Dual dimmable version, super smooth and flicker-free

7) High-speed strobe: Dual-chip strobe, synchronous and asynchronous strobe. Strobe speed adjustable from 0.3 to 20 times per second

8) Fixed color: 13 colors + white light

9) Fixed pattern: 13 patterns + white light + bidirectional shaking, animation, running water

10) Dynamic pattern: 8 patterns + white light + water ripple with a variable speed jitter effect, bi-directional speed flow effect; rotation pattern piece can be changed.

11) Control method: DMX/ART-NITE/DRM/DMX antenna (optional)

12) Prism: 8+6 (angle 10-20° can be freely zoomed

13) Focusing: High-precision glass optical lens, linear electric zoom

14) Light projection range: X direction to 2.9 seconds / 540 degrees, Y direction to 1.5 seconds / 270 degrees can be automatically corrected positioning

15) Control channels: 16 channels in reduced mode, 24 channels in standard mode

16) Size: 430X310X640mm

17) Net weight: 20KG